RESCUED, from high-kill Laurens Co, SC Animal Control. Brought in, along with her six puppies, as an 'unwanted mama and probably her 1st(&, definitely last) litter'. dob: ~April 1, 2017(she has pearlie-white teeth)..looks to be Carolina Dog & BeagleX. CUTE girl, friendly, outgoing, gets along well with other dogs and children of all ages. Will test with cats, upon request. Sticks close to her b...
Thank you, for caring enough to reach out to a rescued pup in need of love, respect & a warm place to lay it's head. Tess(~34 lb-CarolinaDog/ BeagleX-her picture is attached, below) & her six puppies were rescued from a high-kill Animal Control facility in Laurens, SC . Tess' pup's dob: ~08/01/2018....YES! There can be more than one daddy in a litter. (m)Eiler & (f)Spirit appear to have been si...
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